Custom Hearing and Ear Protection by Ottawa Hears

Custom Hearing and Ear Protection by Ottawa Hears

In a world bombarded by noise, preserving our hearing has become more crucial than ever. That's where Serenity Choice™ earplugs come in. These high-end hearing protection solutions are ingeniously designed to reduce noise and loud sounds while ensuring your ears can breathe and retaining essential sound and speech. Let's dive into the world of Serenity Choice™ and discover how it stands out in offering the best hearing protection.

Who Needs Serenity Choice™?

Serenity Choice™ is tailored for:

  • Individuals eager to prevent hearing loss caused by loud sounds.
  • Those seeking improved comfort by blocking out environmental noises.

These earplugs aren't just accessories; they're essential tools for auditory health.

The Science of Sound and the Need for Protection

Understanding sound levels is key to recognizing the dangers of noise. Sounds are measured in decibels (dB), and prolonged exposure to high-decibel environments can damage hearing. This exposure causes fatigue to the sensory hair cells in the ears, leading to temporary or even permanent hearing loss, and conditions like tinnitus. A staggering 70% of people exposed to loud noise rarely use hearing protection, exposing them to these risks.

The Benefits of Serenity Choice Earplugs

Serenity Choice™ earplugs offer:

  • Noise reduction from 8 to 22 NRR (Noise Reduction Rating) in the U.S. or 15 to 30 SNR (Single Number Rating) in Europe.
  • Preservation of important sounds and speech, allowing for situational awareness and communication.
  • Ventilation for the ears, preventing excess moisture build-up.

Models, Features, and Usage

Serenity Choice™ offers two types:

Phonak Serenity Choice™: Ideal for occasional use, these generic hearing protectors cater to various needs.

Phonak Serenity Choice™ Plus: Customized for frequent use, these earplugs offer enhanced protection and comfort.

Specific Models for Diverse Needs

Serenity Choice™ Music: Perfect for musicians and concertgoers, preserving sound quality while protecting hearing.

Serenity Choice™ Work: Designed for noisy work environments, these earplugs minimize muffled sounds and maintain comfort.

Serenity Choice™ Motorsport: Tailored for motor racing, reducing helmet noise while being fully washable.

Serenity Choice™ Hunting and Shooting: Protects from the high-pressure sound of gunshots while allowing ambient sounds and conversations.

Serenity Choice™ Sleep: Ideal for a peaceful sleep amidst snoring or street noise.

Serenity Choice™ Comfort: Perfect for daily use in offices, balancing noise reduction and the ability to hear conversations.

Serenity Choice™ Plus Swim: Custom-made for swimming, preventing water entry while allowing environmental sounds.

Serenity Choice™ Plus Fly: Reduces background noise on aircraft, enhancing travel comfort.

Ottawa Hears Audiology is committed to enhancing the quality of life for their patients by offering a wide array of custom hearing and ear protection. This approach is not just patient-centered; it's supported by research, emphasizing the importance of protecting the hearing and ear effectively.

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